Know Peringottukara

Apr 01, 2020

Peringottukara is a quaint little village near the Karuvannur river, in the Anthikkad Block in the western side of Trichur district. Peringottukara village consists of Kizhakummuri, Vadakkummuri and Peringottukara Centre. This quiet little village boasts of many important temples, but is the most famous for its Vishnumaya temples. The most famous Vishnumaya temples in Kerala are all located in Peringottukara.Peringottukara is also a land blessed by the visit of Sri Narayana Guru. In the year 1903, Sri Narayana Guru ,accompanied by Kumaran Asan, visited Peringottukara in response to an invitation by Krishna Thandan. Sri Narayana Guru demolished the ages old tradition of sacrificing animals as temple rituals in the family temple of Krishna Thandan. Sri Narayana Guru with the help of his disciples started work to set up an ashram at Peringottukara for the purpose of spiritual and educational uplift of the backward classes of the Society and eradication of caste based discrimination that was rampant in the Kerala society. Sri Narayana Guru Ashram was established in 1906. This famous Ashram gave birth to famous spiritual leaders and social reformers like P. Govindanasan, Swamy Sivalingadas, Swamy Ramananda and Swamy Bodhanandagiri.

Some of the major attractions very close to Peringottukara are the peaceful and beautiful, Valapad and Somatheeram beaches, both, less than 5 kms from Peringottukara. The Vadanapally beach is only about 7 kms from Peringottukara. Trichur round and Vadakumnathan and Paramekkavu temples are all less than 20 kms from Peringottukara and so

is the world famous Guruvayoor temple. The Arattupuzha and Peruvanam Mahadeva temple are all within a distance of 10 kms from here. The famous Vishnumaya temples are all based in Peringottukara, the oldest one, being the Kanadikavu Sree Vishnumaya temple. The Kanady family has contributed a lot for the development of Peringottukara and for the well being of the society there. Once a quite village, with a mostly agrarian society, today Peringottukara boasts of good public schools, three star hotels, supermarkets, a technical college, movie theatres and banks. Peringottukara , once a little village, is today a haven for Sri Vishumaya pilgrims .